• We had a superb launch on the 12th of February. The Standing Committee have put some draft plans together and have a vision for progressing the project involving various
    people in different ways. We aim to involve as many of the congregation in some way or another so in the coming weeks Nick, Matt and Vicar Vivien may well ask you if you
    could help in some way. Don’t be put off by this, we think you will like our planning and thinking!
    In terms of the refurbishment project we now have received provisional costs for the project as a whole. We have been advised to expect a cost in the region of £650,000.
    This an extremely large sum of money but we understand that the project is complex and of course with the size and height of our building, scaffolding is going to be a major
    expense. We will be arranging a meeting with the architects in the next few weeks to begin to look at how we now take the project forward and begin our fundraising in
    earnest. Once we have done this we will then arrange to meet with the team we have put together to task this to so that we can then start planning the next stages which
    would more than likely be a community consultation with our stakeholders so that we can gain information about the importance of the building to the community and why
    our project deserves the grant funding. Grant funding is highly competitive and could take us 18 months to 2 years to gain sufficient funds to go ahead with the work!
    A reminder of what our plans for the project are:
  • Re-roof the upper and lower rooves of the church, including modifications to the
    guttering to prevent water getting into the building in the future.
  • Replace and re-plaster all internal ceilings panels
  • Re-plaster internal walls where needed
  • Redecorate the building internally.
  • Re-light the building with energy efficient lighting
  • Modernise the sound and media system.
  • Reheat the building in an energy efficient way.
  • Repair the spire where issues are arising