From David F:

Having been set back by Covid I am now testing negative and beginning to function something like normal.

Normal enough to go to the Elvis Presley tribute night at Congleton town hall organised in part as a thank you evening for those that had helped and continue to help in the collection of goods for Ukrainian refugees. That was Saturday night and Anne and I enjoyed the company of two of the drivers who had recently returned from delivering donations to Poland and their lovely wives.

Mark who is organising the collections and deliveries does so in his capacity of membership of Biddulph Rotary.

They have been helped greatly by the owner of Glebe Farm, Astbury volunteering parking space for vehicles and storage for donations.

People and organisations like St Paul’s in Cheshire East have collected donations and transported to Astbury. I estimate, here at St Pauls, we have collected and transported to Astbury about £7 500 of goods at St Paul’s. Thanks to all who have helped and thanks to those who donated to our collection: people from the parish, people from further afield in Macclesfield, Prestbury, Wilmslow, Bollington, places in between and from our own congregation.

Altogether the donations collected from all the surrounding areas in the way of food, nappies, sanitary wear, medicines… transported from Astbury directly to within sixty miles of the Poland/Ukraine border are estimated to be in the region of £75 000.

The aim now in the next three weeks is to raise another £25 000 worth of goods to send out towards the Ukraine/Polish border. These will be delivered by volunteer drivers again but in five vans which have been donated and will also be left behind to aid in the humanitarian effort!

If we are to maintain our level of giving I estimate we would need to collect in the region of £2 500 worth of donations.

Sun 24/4/22   1pm-4pm
Mon 25/4/22   1pm-4pm
Sat 30/4/22   10am-4pm
Sun 1/5/22   1pm-4pm
Mon 2/5/22   1pm-4pm
Sun 8/5/22   1pm-4pm
Mon 9/5/22   1pm-4pm

Therefore I am hoping we can organise collection days after the Easter weekend so please watch this space to see if you are able to volunteer in any of donating, collecting, loading and/or delivery.


Ukrainian appeal flyer