Tier 2 Restrictions

Along with every church within the Cheshire East area, we are now placed in Tier2 (High Risk) and therefore subject to a new restriction concerning the ‘Rule of Six’ which no longer applies to public worship. Instead, households or individuals may not mingle with other households or individuals inside the church building, but must maintain a social distance of 2 metres at all times. The full text of the Church of England’s own guidelines reads:

As of the 14th October the Government has introduced a three tier system of Covid risk areas. In all tiers Places of Worship can remain open and public worship can continue. However, in tiers 2 and 3 (high and very high risk areas) the ‘rule of six’ does not apply. In these areas individuals, households and support bubbles can attend worship but must not mingle with others and physical distancing should be maintained.

Please co-operate with our churchwardens to ensure that coming to church on Sundays is as safe an experience for everybody as possible.