The summer season is starting at St. Paul’s with a special Open Day on Saturday 8th June from 10 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.  Whilst arguably lacking a few of the refinements associated with Garden Parties in Royal establishments (how would I know? you might ask!) we are aiming to offer the best of St. Paul’s Church’s hospitality to the local community. 

With soup and butties provided by our friends from the Macclesfield Community Kitchen, a bouncy castle and other games for children, we are hoping to attract local residents, community organizations, parish centre users and members of the congregation in order to  consult them on the exciting plans for the refurbishment and development of the church and the parish centre. Our architects, Jay Ashall & Partners, will be on hand to show off their concepts, drawings and plans – and we would like your feedback! Our priority as a church is make sure we meet the needs and priorities of those we serve and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about what matters most to people who use the church.

Having a vision of our future is all very exciting but if it does not match what the community really needs then the danger is that our vision remains a (bouncy) castle in the air. We know that we need to make sure the roof is watertight, that panels are not going to descend from the ceiling, and that plaster does not continue to coat the pews with layers of dust, but how should we make better use of the space? St. Paul’s is a 7 days a week operation, thanks to the incredible work and commitment of so many people, and to support all these activities we think it needs a bigger kitchen, more office and storage space and more places for people to meet and socialize. But this is an opportunity to tell us what you would most like to see developed. So come along and ask lots of questions and tell us what you think. And who knows, you might win a Special Prize!

Every blessing!